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Add comments to blog website in minutes

When creating blog website you really want to add comments in your website but adding comments system in blog website requiers some...


Aug 23, 2023

Adding a Mesmerizing Tilt Effect to Your Website with Tilt.js [Repost]

In web design, adding subtle interactive effects can greatly improve the user experience. One popular effect that has gained attention recently is th...


Jul 04, 2023

Beautiful background animation only with HTML and CSS

Have you ever wondered how people create those beautiful background shapes that are animated? Well, it is much easier than you think let'...


Aug 20, 2023

Code Syntax highlighting in Next Js

If you're running blog page or website you know that adding syntax highlighting can be very tough and complex process. but fortunately I have found a...


Jan 13, 2024

Create a full-screen navbar in your website [Responsive]

Creating a default navbar in a website using HTML and CSS is pretty basic. We can improve the UI by creating something called full s...


Aug 16, 2023

Create a Sticky Element using only CSS

Hey there, web developers! Want to make an element on your website stick to the top of the screen as users scroll down? Well, you're in luck! With ju...


Aug 28, 2021

Custom cursor in Next Js

Creating a custom cursor in next js website is as easy as creating a component in next js. we can create a cursor component and then import it in `_a...


Aug 06, 2023

Font-size slider

Here what I when i said font size font size slider? Well It basically means that we create a input with type of range and give it so...


Aug 22, 2023

Responsive Masonry Layout using only CSS

First of all let's talk what is a masonry layout. Well Masonry means "craft of building a structure with brick, stone, or similar ma...


Sep 08, 2023

Sticky navbar only using CSS

One effective technique to enhance navigation is by implementing a sticky navbar. A sticky navbar remains fixed at the top of the page as users scrol...


Aug 05, 2023

Theme Toggler using Javascript, HTML, CSS

Hey there, fellow developers! Ever wanted to add a cool theme toggler to your website that lets users switch between a bright and vibrant light theme...


Sep 06, 2021